20-Year-Old Dies On Ground Before Bowling A Delivery


Phil Hughes, an Australian batsman, just after a ball hit his lower neck portion collapsed on the field. The entire cricket world stood still. That was a very sad incident and after which many kinds of new safety gears were introduced for the cricketers, especially the new budding cricketers to avoid such accidents. But, life is unpredictable, and it can take away precious life away anytime.

20-Year-Old Dies On Ground Before Bowling A Delivery

Another similar kind of incident took place in Kasaragod, Kerala, while a local cricket tournament was going on and when just before bowling a delivery, a bowler lost his life to the ground. However, it is reported that the cricketer, Padmanabh, who was only 20 years old, died of a cardiac arrest and fell on the ground.

A video was also shared where it could be seen that Padmanabh suddenly went down on the ground before he could bowl a delivery. After he fell on the ground, the players and on-field umpires rushed towards to help him.

He was admitted to the nearby hospital, but unfortunately, he did not survive. In the last few years also, many cricketers on the ground have died due to some or the other reasons and hence it is not the first incident that has happened with a cricketer. Another cricketer Anki Keshri also leading the team of under 19 of Bengal, in the year 2015, while playing on the field bumped into the other player while he was fielding and suffered a head injury. He was immediately hospitalized after the incidence, but he did not survive and passed away in the hospital.