Actor Prakash Raj supports Kamal Haasan on hindu terror


Actor Prakash Raj reacted on tweeter about Hinduism and said some of the persons irritating killing innocent people with Govadha name this is not correct to them and is this terrorism then what is it questioned indirectly. some of the persons making terror feeling on the public with religion tradition name. recently actor Kamal Haasan also reacted on Hinduism who are trying to make the problems between Hindus and other religions. actor Prakash Raj said I give support to Kamal Haasan in this matter. prakash raj said in his tweeter account I will do fight against with who are taking powers and rights to beat people on Govadha and Religion names that persons against.

prakash raj and kamal haasan

Prakash Raj is a great actor in south India, he does always help to other persons when they need help. one year back Prakash Raj adapted one village in Mahbubnagar District Telangana and he has a big heart to help people. he is every time stands before to do help people and participates helping event meetings. this time Prakash Raj responding against on Hindu terror who is making terror feeling on innocent people for those persons and Prakash Raj rising his voice for giving support to Kamal Haasan.