Almost 1/4th Of German Companies Witness Digital Threat


German Companies Witness Digital Threat

Almost 1/4th of German firms are concerned that their endurance is in danger of extinction by digitalization. On the other hand, while a huge bulk of them want the upcoming German Government to make the matter a main concern, a study revealed last week. The study of 505 firms performed by Bitkom, the German market association for the sector of information technology, also displayed that just 20{9c13ba893f3703c58d1bbcbff2f97ff18cf629c78a707ad6d26f50de14f9545a} are spending in expanding digital models for business.

“Digitalization will not wait for Germany. Politicians and companies both have a job to be more lively,” Achim Berg, president of Bitkom, claimed to the media in an interview in Berlin on the account of a digital business meeting. The study displayed that 85{9c13ba893f3703c58d1bbcbff2f97ff18cf629c78a707ad6d26f50de14f9545a} of companies need the upcoming government to make digitalization a leading precedence, especially shafting to put more functions of government administration online and market high speed Internet and digital education.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is expecting that she will be allowed to form a fresh alliance government after September elections with the centre-left Social Democrats, has committed to do more to market the digitalization of German market. “In the investigative discussions, the word digitalization has been employed many times, but the big picture is still blur,” Berg claimed. “What is the dream? Where is our location in the digital globe?” he further asks.

One German firm that witnesses more chances in comparison with risks from digitalization is Deutsche Post DHL, the logistics and postal company that is testing with robots to assist supply drones and mail in its warehouses. Frank Appel, the Deutsche Post Chief Executive, claimed that it is the reason why he is not concerned about Amazon’s decision to develop its own logistics services so it can manage additional shipping itself. “There is more than sufficient place for us. The ecommerce decision is at the initial level,” he claimed.