Another Horrifying Incident, 9-Year-Old Child Dies At Delhi’s BLK Hospital


Another Horrifying Incident, 9-Year-Old Child Dies At Delhi’s BLK Hospital

Another Horrifying Incident, 9-Year-Old Child Dies At Delhi’s BLK Hospital

Hospitals of Delhi, which are private hospitals, are lately becoming ill-reputed and are always in news for something or the other. It has just been few days after the two big private hospitals for their mistake and medical negligence had cost the lives of three young children. Another case of medical negligence has emerged which is horrifying too, and this time it is BLK Super Specialty Hospital.

On October 31, Deeva Garg a 9-year-old child was admitted after being diagnosed with congenital dyserythropoietic anemia (CDA). The doctors of the hospital assured the parents of the child their hospital was well prepared, and they will be able to carry the bone marrow transplant without any trouble. The family was told by the doctors that a right match has been found for the child.

The little girl child was admitted to the hospital’s isolation ward, and it was only her mother who could stay with her. Nothing and nobody was allowed to come in the ward.

For 25 days, she was admitted. The surgery for bone marrow was conducted on November 11. Deeva got a fever on November 13. But the doctors said, it was not a matter of concern.

Deeva, on November 22 complained about a headache, and also was facing problem in breathing. Things were under control as the doctors gave her appropriate medicines for the same.

The doctors, on the next day, suggested to move her to ICU just for precaution sake.

They quickly suggested next day putting the child on ventilator saying it will help her breathe easily. They told the family, there is nothing to worry about and what they were doing was just for precaution.

On November 25, in the afternoon the doctors told the family that the child was dead.

Neeraj Garg, the father of the child, told the media, the doctors claimed that Deeva suddenly got an infection, which spread all over and was uncontrollable.

Mr. Garg asked when my child was in the isolation ward, how did she get an infection? But, the doctors did not give any explanation. Although we repeatedly asked the doctors “Will they be able to perform the operation?”, but they assured us saying Yes. After my child passed away, I asked the doctors which operation they had performed on my daughter and all that they said was “we will not be able to describe the type of operation”.

Deeva’s father said, after my child passed away, her mother fell ill because of which we were not able to file a case against the hospital, but as soon as my wife gets well we will be filing an FIR against the hospital.