‘Is Arvind Subramanian Actually Stupid,’ Chidambaram Asks Prime Minister Narendra Modi


‘Is Arvind Subramanian Actually Stupid,’ Chidambaram Asks Prime Minister Narendra Modi

P Chidambaram (Senior Congress leader) on has hit back at PM Narendra Modi, the very next day after the latter stated that the Congress asked that the (GST) Goods and Services Tax be capped at 18{9c13ba893f3703c58d1bbcbff2f97ff18cf629c78a707ad6d26f50de14f9545a} was a magnificent stupid contemplation.’ P. Chidambaram (Senior Congress leader) wondered if Prime Minister Narendra Modi measured other proponents of such kind of move—including (CEA) Chief Economic Adviser known as Arvind Subramanian—as “stupid.”

If it is magnificent stupid contemplation to dispute for a cap of the tax rate at 18{9c13ba893f3703c58d1bbcbff2f97ff18cf629c78a707ad6d26f50de14f9545a}; Yesterday, at a public meeting in the state of Gujarat’s Morbi, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had stated: “Some thinkers and economists are disingenuous in the country. Congress wants the same 18{9c13ba893f3703c58d1bbcbff2f97ff18cf629c78a707ad6d26f50de14f9545a} tax on a little as necessary as salt and a little as exclusive as Rs Five worth car. They want 27{9c13ba893f3703c58d1bbcbff2f97ff18cf629c78a707ad6d26f50de14f9545a} tax on alcohol and pricey cigarettes to be reduced to 17{9c13ba893f3703c58d1bbcbff2f97ff18cf629c78a707ad6d26f50de14f9545a}. Do you wish to trade low-priced alcohol and multiply cancer patients by selling economical cigarettes. This is nil but a magnificent stupid contemplation. There can’t be any superior anti-middle and anti-poor class contemplation.”

  1. Chidambaram further questioned if the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had read a 2015 statement by a CEA-led commission that recommended a regular GST rate of 17–18{9c13ba893f3703c58d1bbcbff2f97ff18cf629c78a707ad6d26f50de14f9545a}, based on a (RNR) revenue-neutral rate of 14–15.5 {9c13ba893f3703c58d1bbcbff2f97ff18cf629c78a707ad6d26f50de14f9545a}. He further demanded to know why the standard GST fee couldn’t be 15 {9c13ba893f3703c58d1bbcbff2f97ff18cf629c78a707ad6d26f50de14f9545a} and the RNR plus charge on extravagance goods be 18{9c13ba893f3703c58d1bbcbff2f97ff18cf629c78a707ad6d26f50de14f9545a}.

“Tax and expend is the ideas of the BJP Government. For instance: when crude oil prices decreased by 50{9c13ba893f3703c58d1bbcbff2f97ff18cf629c78a707ad6d26f50de14f9545a}, charges of diesel and petrol remained stable,” he stated. The Congress has always been very voiced in its disapproval of the GST as it was visualized by the Narendra Modi Government. The party’s VP Rahul Gandhi went a little ahead and passed a sarcastic comment and calls it a ‘Gabbar Singh Tax’. He also committed that if the BJP did not decrease the tax price to a flat 18{9c13ba893f3703c58d1bbcbff2f97ff18cf629c78a707ad6d26f50de14f9545a}, his party “will do in the year 2019.”