Assisted Dying Legalized In Victoria


Assisted Dying Legalized In Victoria

Victoria has become Australia’s first state to legalize assisted dying. Two all-night sittings were required to approve this landmark legislation. More than 100 hours of an exhausting debate took place in order to come to a conclusion.

To elaborate on the law it states that patients that are terminally ill have the right to ask for a lethal drug. This law was passed in the Australia’s second-most populous state and will be implemented from mid-2019.

According to the law, the person should have minimum 18 years and should have a lifespan of less than 6 months.

Daniel Andrews, the state Premier, said: “I’m proud today that we have put compassion right at the center of our parliamentary and our political process”. He also said, “That is politics at its best and it is Victoria doing what it does best—leading our nation”.

Assisted Dying Legalized In Victoria

This law was implemented for the patients who are undergoing severe pain. The law consisted of 68 safeguards. Some of the safeguards included that the patient should make at least three requests to the doctors before ending their life. The case of the patient should be reviewed by a special board of members. Forcing or compelling the patients to end up their life will be considered as a crime. As this law is passed in the state of Victoria the patient must have resided in the state for the duration of 12 months and above. The person’s mental condition should also be sound.

The patients that have problems such as motor neuron disease also known as multiple sclerosis becomes eligible for the law when the person has 12 months to live.

This legislative debate composed of two sittings in which one sitting lasted for 26 hours and the other for about 28 hours. Some of the lawmakers sternly opposed the decision and made attempts to insert several numbers of amendments.

Australia’s Northern Territory, in the year 1995 had introduced the first world’s voluntary euthanasia law. But then this law was overturned by the authorities eight months later.

The law of legally ending up terminally ill patient’s life under the supervision of an authorized doctor has been followed in certain countries such as the Netherlands, Canada, and Belgium.