Bigg Boss 11 Episode 34 November 3rd


Bigg Boss 11 episode 34 Shilpa Shinde is continuing to dominate Vikas Gupta life a leaving trouble but Vikas Gupta in the jail along with mahejabi Siddiqui and Arshi Khan, and Shilpa trying to does not sleep all night them. Shilpa first throws a bottle inside the jail on the time Vikas Gupta is sleeping. Vikas Gupta wakes up and asks house captain let him go washroom on the time he comes out from the jail room. After he requests Bigg Boss to call him in the confession room. Vikas Gupta gets irritated all other content dance. After he goes back to the jail and after few minutes he escaped from the jail gap. Vikas Gupta requests Bigg Boss call him again but he gets no answer from Bigg Boss, he decides to escape from Bigg Boss house but that plan fails.

big boss 11 episode 34

Luv comes near Vikas Gupta and tells him to take a relax and don’t try to escape from the house and you have already hand injured don’t try again to escape from the house. Morning contestants wake up and see the chairs and tables in near wall of Bigg Boss and all the members shocked with Vikas Gupta escaping plan. Vikas Gupta gets normal condition after the announcement of another captain for Bigg Boss house.