A CPI Leader and His Friends Kicked a Pregnant Woman in Kerala


As we have media report that a CPI(Panchayath) leader kicked a pregnant woman in Kerala. After the women’s car hit the vehicle Williams (CPI Leader) and his friends were in the car. They dragged the woman out of the car and kicked in her stomach. This incident was being recorded by the local people. People informed the local police station immediately Cops has taken action on the local CPI leader and his three friends. They were arrested on Saturday assaulting a pregnant woman. CPI leader comes out and dragged her and kicked the pregnant woman. Also, leader’s friends tried to attack some other people who are walking around them and who questioned them.

a kerala woman kicked by a CPI Leader

And immediately the woman was on her way to the hospital when this incident happened on the road. Police later arrested leader and their friends with the help of local people. When they were taken to the police station the local leader misbehaved and attacked two cops, Kerala Police registered the case under the section 332 and 354 and other IPC sections of India.

The local leader is William, a Panchayat member. CPI leader threatened Police officers who arrested them and saying they will be transferred to the distant places.

Immediately CPI party says released a Press note that CPI Kollam district, the party will take an immediate action against the accused leader and shows sympathy for the pregnant woman.