Ex Army Man Fights For 4 Decades His Pension


Ex Army Man Fights For 4 Decades His Pension

The Madras High Court has ordered the Tamil Nadu government to grant the freedom fighter pension to an 89-year-old member of Indian National Army, K Gandhi, within the coming two weeks. He had struggled for the past four decades to get the said pension which was stuck due to the bureaucratic dogmatism. The Madras High Court has even expressed acute regret for the inconvenience caused to the senior citizen of India.

K Gandhi, the man in question has struggled for 37 years in order to fetch his rightful pension. However, he failed even after repeated endeavors, which compelled him to move to the court. Justice K Ravichandra Babu stated that the pension is not a charity granted to an entitled person but is an act of bestowing honor to the respected defense personnel who has selflessly fought on behalf of all the citizens residing in the country. He further said that the state should have initiated the pension proactively without even waiting for the application from the side of the pensioner.

The judge expressed extreme grief and stated that the bureaucratic dogmatism along with wooden approach is active in this way, which became the reason for the extreme delay.

He further commanded the state government to immediately pass the pension from the date of the original petition of Gandhi. This order will be followed and the needful service will be offered to him at his doorsteps.

The judge also added that it is a grief that a man who had already fought for the freedom of his country had to fight again for the financial assistance that should have been given to him a long time back, automatically without any struggle.

The order will be followed within two weeks after the receipt of the copy of the verdict from the court. The arrears of the pension will also be released after the initiation of the current pension.