Former Cop’s Son Arrested In Mumbai Pub Fire


Yug Pathak, son of the former Chief of Pune police KK Pathak, was arrested yesterday on account of being a partner in Mojo’s Bistro in Kamala Mills, Mumbai where a fatal fire broke out last month killing 14 people.

Former Cop's Son Arrested In Mumbai Pub Fire

A case of culpable homicide was filed against the pub by the Mumbai police after the fire department said that the cause of the fire was caused due to the curtains catching fire from the flying pieces if live coal that were being used for hookahs. Notably, the high-end restaurant had not obtained permission to serve sheesha.

1Above, the pub just next to Mojo’s Bistro, held it accountable for the fire and alleged them of using their political connections to keep themselves away from the matter after the police accused it of causing the fire. They wanted the matter to be investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation for which they wrote to the highest authorities including the country’s President, Prime Minister, Chief Minister, the city’s Police Commissioner and the head of the Brihnamumbai Municipal Corporation claiming that the police on site destroyed evidence and made false reports in an attempt to frame them.

A couple of managers of the pub and three relatives of the owners, who fled the scene, have also been arrested and a reward of Rs. 1 lakh has been announced to anyone who aids in finding the owners.

Most of the deceased were from 1Above and their bodies were discovered in a pile in the pub’s toilet where they had gone to protect themselves from the fire and eventually died of suffocation. The fire department, in its report, stated that the deaths could have been prevented had the pub’s bouncer guided these people to the emergency escape route. In fact, one of these people was a bouncer himself, which puts forward the possibility that even the bouncers were not aware of the escape route.

The pub in question, Mojo’s Bistro said that no one died in their pub as the personnel on site were trained in giving first aid, CPR and fire drills, which saved their customers.

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