Growing Private Investment In Agriculture Sector To Drive The Overall Growth Of The Market


Growing Private Investment In Agriculture SectorFor the last few years, farmers have benefited from the increase in investment in the agriculture sector of the country. This has increased their production and their income has also increased. Not only are the domestics companies such as Tata Group, Mahindra & Mahindra, Ruchi Soya or DCM Shriram are on the board, but also foreign companies such as Kargil, Hindustan Unilever, PepsiCo and McCain are also making huge investments.

Mars and Wrigley Confectionary’s auspicious mini project. Producing products such as orbit and skittles, Mars and Wrigley uses mint in a confectionary gum and mint flavored confectionery and is trying to improve the pulp cultivation.

The company’s Vice President (Global Sustainability) Kim Frankovich said, “Yield through our project has increased by 68% and water requirement has decreased by 23%.” About 2,600 farmers were involved in this project. Mars and Wrigley’s 65% Gum and Mint brand use natural pudding or methyl flowing, and in 90% of these products, there is plant oil, which is grown in India.

America’s Emile, who specializes in organic and non-genetically modified food, wants to work with horticulture farmers in India. Many startups related to retailing of Horticulture productions have begun to join the farmers and the middlemen are eliminated.

The farmers and the corporate sector are quite old. PepsiCo started working with the potato farmers of Punjab in 1987 and provided them with good technology as well.

Gokul Patnaik, chairman of the Global AgriSystem, Food Processing Consultancy Firm, told that after this, Seed companies such as Bharati Field Fresh and Mahiko and Syngenta started projects for farmers.

PepsiCo India now works with more than 24,000 potato farmers in nine states. Godrej Agrovet is working in 54 feeding units of 20 states with about 20 Lakh farmers in the areas of animal feed, dairy, poultry and palm plantation.