High Levels of Fecal Bacteria Found on Three Beaches in Miami


In a new report, Forida health officials warned they found “high levels of fecal bacteria” on three popular beaches south of the state: Crandon North, Crandon South and Key Biscayne Beach Club.

The state health department reported that after conducting two water tests on these beaches, they concluded that “they do not meet the standards of quality for enterococcus.” They warned that the level of bacteria found exceeded state and national recommendations, being above 70 units in a sample of 100 milliliters.

The enterococcus bacteria are usually found in the intestines of humans and animals. Contact with it can cause illness or infection. The presence of this bacterium is an indicator of fecal contamination, and may be due to the arrival of residual rainwater or residual.

They recommended that visitors do not swim at these beaches until further notice to avoid diseases.

The institution samples water from the beaches at 17 points weekly, since August 2002.

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