Himachal Pradesh Elections Live Updates “One Sided”| Fires on Congress by PM


Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is in Himachal Pradesh. He is addressing the people of the hill state. Participating in the election rally. Saying the election in Himachal Pradesh has become “one-sided” as the Congress has run away from the battlefield. He was also saying about Congress formed the government infrastructure and it developed very slowly. The Nation was being developed very slowly when Congress Party was ruling. The PM Narendra Modi said many satires on Congress party and fires on it.

Himachal Pradesh Elections Live Updates One Sided Fires on Congress by PM

PM Modi also said that funds released by the current Centre are completely utilized for people’s welfare and contrasting this with previous governments it’s only made statements but this government is executing all these statements, not like Congress. The people of Himachal Pradesh know very well that one can grab what rightfully belongs to the countries. This BJP government is doing development in this Nation. Also fulfilling people’s desires like jobs for the young teenagers, healthcare for the elders and giving the exact quality education to the children. He was addressing to the Himachal Pradesh people that Congress had already accepted defeat the upcoming elections in Himachal Pradesh as well other states.

No one Congress leader dares to step in Himachal Pradesh because they know, they will be defeated by the BJP government in Himachal Pradesh. I am sure that Himachal Pradesh people will not ignore they know which is the right party. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealing to the electorate and said had come to see a three fourth majority for his party. On this election rally, a large and huge people gathered in this program Jashpur.