India Leads Improvement Rate For Broadband Download Speed In 2017


India has made a marvelous development in terms of download speeds of broadband in 2017, as per Ookla Speedtest Global Index 2017. The Internet analysis and testing firm claimed that that the nation was also in leading 2 when it came to improvement rate of mobile data speed.

India Leads Improvement Rate For Broadband Download Speed In 2017

Ookla Speedtest Global Index 2017 states that broadband download speed of India enhanced in 2017 by 76.9%, leaving nations such as the United States and China behind at third and second spots respectively. India is stated to have locked second spot after Pakistan when it comes to download speeds of mobile data in populous nations.

On an international level, the in general speed of internet raised by over 30% in 2017. The standard worldwide speed was 20.28 Mbps. Apart from this, the mobile downloads increased this year by 30.1%, while the mobile uploads jumped by 38.9%.

“Broadband and mobile Internet speeds in the country have surely developed in past handful of years. India still has an extensive way to go to level up with nations that have top speeds all over the globe. On the other hand, we at Ookla are extremely hopeful about the capacity for development that is obtainable in the market of India,” claimed general manager and co-founder at Ookla, Doug Suttles, to the media in an interview.

Ookla has already declared that India positioned 109th in the Internet speed for mobile for November 2017. As for the speed of fixed broadband, the nation positioned 76th. The company claimed that India had a standard download speed for mobile of 7.65 Mbps at the starting of the year, a number that crossed 8.80 Mbps by November 2017.

“Both fixed and mobile broadband Internet in the country are getting quicker, that is good news for all consumers in India no matter which plan or provider they employ to access the Internet,” claimed Suttles.