Ivanka Trump Talking about Bad Labor Practices


Ivanka Trump Talking about Bad Labor Practices

Ivanka Trump, daughter of the US President Mr. Donald Trump, was attending the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in India, which was held in Hyderabad. To give little details about Ivanka Trump, she is the second child of Ivana Trump and Donald Trump. The first two months unofficially advising her father in his administration, on March 29, 2017, she was appointed as the official Advisor of the President. Now, she is a government employee.

Ivanka Trump Talking about Bad Labor Practices

In the summit, Ivanka placed her views regarding the policies that will have the greater participation of the women workforce. Ivanka added that it is only with the help of the technology that women will have an access to work outside of their kitchen. She said that it will help to decrease the gender gap and the policies should be framed in order to support the modern families. She further commented on the ways that should be found so that the modern reality of the household and the modern workforce can go hand in hand. While speaking in the session, she also mentioned that developments in the workforce and skillful training can make the things work out. Ivanka was of the opinion that it is very much necessary to align the teachings in the classroom with the economic realities.

In the session, the other members that were present are the founder of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, Cherie Blair; the managing director and the CEO of the ICICI Bank, Chanda Kochhar; the chief customer officer of Dell EMC, Karen Quintos.

Ivanka is dealing with the allegations that her personal brand has been following bad labor practices, especially in China. Ivanka is a fashion designer and also a businesswoman who has her own brand. China is the place where most of her U.S. merchandise ships from. After taking the official post of White House adviser, she stepped back from brand management and dealings. Ivanka has not still taken a public stand on the allegation that is been placed on her brand and about the bad work policies in her production. The critics have been compelling the brand to reveal the supplier’s names and addresses that are associated with the brand for better transparency.

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