At Kamala Mills Women Locked Themselves But Died Of Suffocation


At Kamala Mills Women Locked Themselves But Died Of Suffocation

Fourteen people died in the major outbreak in Kamala Mills Compound in Mumbai on Friday. Out of the 14 people who died in this accident, 11 were women.

As soon as the fire broke, many women rushed inside the washroom, an eye-witness stated. But unfortunately, their idea to save themselves back fired and it turned out to be dangerous for all the ladies who had rushed to the washroom to save their life. As the washroom did not have any ventilation, the women died out of suffocation.

Mr. Ajay Agarwal, whose sister died in this incident said, “My sister and her daughter was there to have dinner and as soon as they got to know about the fire outbreak, they rushed to save their lives while my sister’s daughter ran down the staircase and my sister got stuck in the washroom and she died out of suffocation.”

Dr. KG Arora while speaking to a news channel said, “We all were running here and there; we were so scared and worried as we were unable to find the exit door, I saw few women rushing to the washroom. The fire was spreading all over the building slowly and there was a situation of stampede”.

The building was of glass and so there was no scope of ventilation at all.

A total of 21 people received severe burn injuries due to the fire outbreak at terrace of hotel.

It was around 12.30 in the morning at “1 Above Pub”, which is located on the third floor in Kamla Mills compound when the incident happened.

The fire brigade team along with the police reached the spot immediately and the rescue operation was started at once to save the trapped people.

At least 35 injured people were rescued, who were caught in the fire inside the hotel and were taken to hospital immediately.

During the treatment, 14 people were declared dead. Most of them had died out of suffocation.

Under IPC sections 337, 304, and 338, Abhijeet Manka, Hratesh Sanghvi and Jigar Sanghvi have been booked by police of providing C Grade Hospitality.