Multiple People Involved In The Billionaire Couple Murder In Toronto


Multiple People Involved In The Billionaire Couple Murder In Toronto

The dead bodies of Honey and Barry Sherman were found out at their residence on December 15, 2017.

After more than a month of the murder of the billionaire couple in Toronto, private investigators declare that multiple people were responsible for the crime. They believe that the murder took place two days before the bodies were discovered.

Toronto police has decided to remain silent about the case but the report published by them regarding the way the murder took place contradicts the description given by the price detectives.

The bodies were discovered by a real estate agent who was responsible for building an open house in the 7 million dollar home of the duo. The bodies were lying at the lowest level of the apartment. The Sherman’s were found dangling from the railing towards the pool, while the bodies were totally strangled.

Besides being good neighbors the Sherman’s were well known for their immense contribution to charity. They had a very successful business in the pharmaceutical industry. The residence is under 24*7 surveillance and Jonathan Sherman, the son of the couple have informed cops and investigators have failed to gather much information regarding the case. He also refused the media news that the cops at the first instance thought it to be a murder sum suicide case.

The day of this unfortunate incident is assumed to be December 13, 2017, based on the fact that Honey Sherman was found in the same clothes in which she was seen on that day. Also, it is believed that she had struggled and fought with the killers.

Barry Sherman was 75 at the time of his death and the head of the Canadian pharmaceutical company, Apotex. The company was started by Barry in 1974 with his mother’s savings. He had to struggle a lot and face many conflicts to make the business a success. Numerous renowned people including Prime Minster Justin Trudeau expressed his grief on the mishap.