New Your Blast Suspect Says, “Trump You Failed To Protect Your Nation”


New Your Blast Suspect Says, “Trump You Failed To Protect Your Nation”

New Your Blast Suspect Says, “Trump You Failed To Protect Your Nation”

An ISIS-inspired Bangladeshi man posted on his Facebook page saying, “Trump You Failed To Protect Your Nation”. The Bangladeshi man posted this status on his account before detonating a bomb in the subway station in Manhattan, as per the complaint that was filed in the US court.

Wires and a pipe bomb were strapped to the body of 27-year-old Akayed Ullah, who is the suspected bomber. Between two subway platforms near the Port Authority, the device exploded prematurely yesterday. Port Authority is supposed to be America’s largest bus terminal.

After suffering serious burns due to the explosion, Ullah is in a critical condition in the hospital. Three people suffered some minor injuries as a result of the blast. It was a rush hour when the blast happened.

Just before attacking the station, the suspect had posted a statement on Facebook indicating about the blast showing his commitment towards ISIS.

Ullah accusing Trump wrote on his Facebook status, “Trump you have failed to protect your nation” yesterday morning. Ullah posted a statement that ‘only members of the Islamic state and his supporters would understand’, to tell in advance to the people that he is going to carry out the attack in the name of ISIS.

In the name of Akayed Ullah, a passport with number of different codes was seized from his house, one of the codes, when decoded, meant “O America Die In Your Rage”. Soon after the device exploded partially, the suspect was taken into police custody.

Though the attack is being considered as a terror attack, no group has taken the responsibility of this attack till now. Ullah has been accused in five crimes—use of weapons for mass destruction, damaging the property by using explosives, providing material support and resources to terrorist organizations, use of a destructive device, and bombing a place of public law. Ullah had filled the pipe with explosive materials that he had created using lights used in Christmas tree, wiring, and a 9-watt battery to cause the ignition of the pipe bomb.

Believing to cause maximum damage, Ullah had jam-packed the pipeline with metal screws. To securely fix the Pipe Bomb to his body, he used zip ties. His aim to carry out the December 11 attack was to terrify maximum people. He also had planned to carry out the attack on a weekday as he wanted to attack more people at once.

Back in 2014, when Ullah started watching pro ISIS materials online, his radicalization started, that if those who support ISIS are not able to travel overseas to join ISIS, they should start attacks from where they are living.

About one year ago, he had started researching over the Internet about how to build IEDs etc.