No More Suspicion Says Judge Loya’s Family


No More Suspicion Says Judge Loya’s Family

Anuj Loya, son of Supreme Court judge Mr BH Loya, has said that the death of his father has been made a political issue. He made it emphatically clear that their family had no more suspicion regarding his death and called for an end to the harassment faced by him and his family. Mr Loya’s lawyer, Ameet Naik who was with him, added that they did not want to be politically victimized and declared that there was no conspiracy behind the death.

Mr BH Loya was the judge when the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case was being tried in court in December 2014. However, soon after, in the same month the judge who had gone to attend a wedding in Nagpur died due to heart failure. The BJP chief, Mr Amit Shah against whom a case of murder was lodged by CBI was cleared by a subsequent court along with other top ranking police officers.

Few relatives of judge Loya had wanted his death to be investigated as he had been under tremendous pressure according to them. Anuj Loya, the son who was seventeen at that time said that being emotionally disturbed then; he had suspicions about his father’s death. But now, he was clear on the issue.

This controversy was raked up when four most senior Supreme Court judges leveled charges against CJI, Dipak Misra stating that he had maintained no transparency while allocating cases of far reaching consequences. They further added that he had also allotted sensitive cases to junior judges. On being asked by media, one of the senior judges, Justice Ranjan Gogoi stated that judge Loya’s death too figured in their list of complaints but refused to give any elaboration.

This was instantly taken up by the Congress who asked for a thorough and impartial investigation of the case pertaining to the death of judge Loya by an independent SIT. Justice Bhushan Gavai who had met judge Loya in Nagpur stated to NDTV after his death that the judge did not die in any mysterious circumstances nor was there any cover-up.