All Options Open To Deal With Pakistan, Says White House Official


All Options Open To Deal With Pakistan, Says White House Official

The US Government led by President Donald Trump warned Pakistan that they are considering “all options” to deal with them in case Pakistan fails to take definitive measures to curb terrorist activities by the Taliban and the Haqqani network and take apart their safe havens. This was after the US denied Pakistan $2 billion in security aid in response to the latter’s failure in countering terrorism.

What led to the start of all this was a tweet by the US President on New Year’s Day holding them responsible for the “safe havens” provided to terrorist and giving the US “lies and deceit” for the $33 billion dollars it provided Pakistan with over the last decade and a half.

A senior White House official told reporters that it sees the Taliban and the Haqqani network as a huge threat and would probably go beyond just cutting off security aid to Pakistan in order to deal with it. He however did not reveal any details as to which options were being considered. This is in the midst of legislators suggesting the US to discard Pakistan as a Non-NATO ally and put them under stress via the IMF and the UN.

He said that the US wants Pakistan to deal with the threat from its end and that it would provide support for the same but in case Pakistan fails to deliver on this front, the White House wouldn’t shy away from other options at its disposal.

This is not the first instance of Mr. Trump criticizing Pakistan on its efforts to counter terrorism and accusing it of aiding terrorist groups. In August of last year, he said that the country had been sheltering terrorist allowing them to make strikes in Afghanistan and it was time for them to “demonstrate its commitment to civilization, order and peace”.

The US is still working with Pakistan to counter terrorism and is willing to restore the security and if the latter shows the intent to counteract terrorism, as stated by US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.