Passenger Bounded On Wheelchair Claims He Was Not Allowed To Board Air India Flight


Passenger Bounded On Wheelchair Claims

Air India has landed into a controversy yet again and this time an allegation has been put on them by a disabled passenger, who said that he was not allowed to board the flight because of his wheelchair, which is operated by battery.

A researcher at the Indian Statistical Institute, Mr. Kaushik Majumder claimed, on December 17, he was harassed by the staff of Air India and was stopped from boarding the aircraft from Bangalore to Kolkata.

At Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, on November 29 after a traveler and an employee of Air India slapped each other, the airline came into news and was criticized all over. The argument between the aircraft official and the passenger started when the passenger’s husband apparently arrived late and so he was not allowed to board the flight. The passenger who was late is a senior bureaucrat in the Haryana Government.

Mr. Kaushik Majumder describing the incident that happened with him, said, “I was asked to shift to a non-electric wheelchair by the staff, to which I agreed and disconnected the battery of my wheelchair. But, I was asked to disconnect all the wires of my wheelchair also by the staff, to which I did not agree as disconnecting all the wires was a difficult task as neither I nor any other staff at the Kolkata airport will be able to connect all the wires back again”. Mr. Majumder has 85% orthopedic disability.

Air India refuted from Mr. Majumder’s allegations on them. A spokesperson of the airlines said, “Mr. Majumder was very well in advance during the check-in; he only was told that a battery-operated wheelchair will not be allowed on the flight”.

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