PM in Himachal Pradesh Addressing Election Rallies| invoked Former PM Rajiv Gandhi’s “15 Paise”


PM Narendra Modi is addressing in Himachal Pradesh, (Hill state) made a few strong statements on Congress party and leaders in Himachal Pradesh. Election polls have been running, for this PM visited HP State.  Opened fire on Congress party during the rally. Also said I don’t want to know in which direction the wind is blowing, the Congress will be disappeared in this hill state. Congress party mindset and thinking is as harmful to Indian democracy. The Prime Minister delivered at every polling booth the Congress should be cleaned. Narendra Modi visited Himachal Pradesh more than three times for this elections.

pm narendra modi adressing in himachal pradesh in a rallies

And saying a few words Himachal Pradesh is the “Veer Bhumi” we are proud of our Jawans of this land who protecting this country all the time.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi invoked former PM Rajiv Gandhi’s “15 paise” remark to take revenge at the Congress during an election rally in Himachal Pradesh. making a few more statements about Congress.

Many things have been said by the Prime Minister of Narendra Modi. He addressed in election rally to the people of Himachal. Overstress is one enhancing infrastructure in Himachal Pradesh so that boosts tourism in the hills states Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh needs to be free from five Mafia, mining Mafia, forest Mafia, drug Mafia, tender Mafia and transfer Mafia said by the PM Narendra Modi.

This time all countries are looking forward to India with renowned and unbelievable hope and this credit goes to the 125 crore Indians.