PM Modi Meets M. Karunanidhi at his Home Today


PM Narendra Modi is visiting Chennai and he has a scheduled meeting with DMK leader MK Stalin and Mr. Karuna Nidhi. A few minutes ago Prime Minister of India was received by MK Stalin leader of Tamil Nadu and visited Mr. Karunanidhi in his home to know the health conditions of Karunanidhi. Karuna Nidhi turned 93 years. He is sick for a long time, now he is recovering very slowly. He did not appear for a long time because of illness and recently he has appeared a few months ago in an exhibition in Tamil Nadu. Modi has been attending many functions and also he attended a local newspaper celebration of 75 years.

At the last minute of his campaign PM, Modi wanted to meet Mr. Karunanidhi in Gopalapuram home. Political situations a group of 18 opposition parties have taken on the BJP party in Parliament. Narendra Modi says that AIADMK is a close friend of BJP party.  as we have information that PM Modi visited to know Karunanidhi’s health situations, not for the political issues. Modi has stayed for a few minutes in Karunanidhi house. Taken some health information of Karunanidhi from Karuna’s sun. A few months ago chief minister of Tamilnadu Jayalalitha passed away after that PM visited the state. BJP party is planning to get this opportunity to expand its party through Association with the states ruling party as well as other local body election in 2019.

E Palaniswami is chief minister of Tamilnadu went airport to receive Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with Governor Bhanwarilal. PM attended a wedding of a daughter of TV somanathan retired official of the Prime Minister’s office. Also, CM Palaniswami gives some information regarding heavy rain in his state. Asking 1500 crore package from the central government.