Rahul Gandhi, Now Being Targeted With ‘Afzal Ka Yaar’ Poster


Rahul Gandhi, Now Being Targeted With ‘Afzal Ka Yaar’ Poster

Rahul Gandhi, Now Being Targeted With ‘Afzal Ka Yaar’ Poster

Both the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) seem to be leaving no stone unturned in the Gujarat Assembly elections to ensure their victory, with the polling being on its last stage. The stir in the polls has seen numerous interactions of taunts and accusations, and an equal share of arguments.

An artwork of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi with Salman Nizami is the latest addition to controversy added to the list. BJP claims, Salman Nizami is a member of the Congress party.

With the text saying “Afzal (guru) ka joh hai yar who desh ka hai woh gadar,” the artwork carries a picture of the Congress vice president with Nizami. The photograph was taken while Nizami was campaigning in Gujarat for Congress party.

The poster has been attributed to Sardar Patel Ekta Manch, which have been put up in Ahmadabad.

On the artwork, a tweet of Nizami is also printed where he is willingly supporting the attack on Parliament by Afzal Guru.

Nizami said in his tweet, earlier on Saturday “son of Rajiv Gandhi is Rahul Gandhi. He forfeited his life for India. Grandson of Indira Gandhi is Rahul Gandhi. She gave up her life for India. Jawaharlal Nehru’s grandson is Rahul Gandhi, who fought for India’s independence. But, Narendra Modi, he is son of …? He is grandson of …?”

But the Congress party said, “We have no party worker named Nizami.”

To bout the Congress party, both Amit Shah, BJP president, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have cited the name of Salman Nizami and also have been stressing on his origin of being from Kashmir during their rallies to attack the Congress party.

Congress has positioned Nizami to campaign in Gujarat, the BHP claimed, and Amit Shah said that “Nizami believes in freedom of Kashmir, and has made statements in every home of the state Afzals would be born.

PM Modi battered him saying that the “youth leader” had tweeted about him, enquiring who his father and mother were. The PM had said, “These kinds of languages can’t be used even for enemies”.