Republic Day Offer From Jet Airways On domestic And International Flights


Republic Day Offer From Jet Airways On domestic And International Flights

Jet Airways brings a competitive ticket pricing offer for both its domestic and international flights from January 23 to January 29, 2018.

Jet Airways is offering huge discount of 20% on domestic and 30% discount on its international flights but on selected routes. This offer is just for the bookings made on the above-mentioned dates. Among the other conditions, the discounts on domestic flights are available only on flight bookings from February 1, 2018, and on immediate travel tickets for international flights.

As per the Press Release made by the Jet Airways officials, this is a special Republic Day offer. The carrier is giving discounts both on economic and business class travels for domestic and international flights to be booked within this time span. The discount rates have been classified based on economic and premier class; like up to 10% discount on economic class and up to 20% discount on premier class of domestic flights.

The international flight fare reduction is applicable for travel destinations like Abu Dhabi, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Toronto to name a few. For these international flights the purchase restriction stands at 3 days and for domestic flights the purchase restriction is at 8 days, it only for the economy fares.

To keep the heavy demand in limits, the discount offers are available on first come first serve basis. The offer is given on direct flights of Jet Airways international network and is valid for both one way and round trips. In case of domestic flights, the offer is applicable only on one way ticket fares.

This offer is expected to be quite popular among travelers as it is a season of long holidays; many other carriers like Air India has also come up with exciting offers to get more flyers during this season of holidays.