Right-Wingers Command Ban On The Marathi film Dashakriya


Right-Wingers Command Ban On The Marathi film Dashakriya

Right-Wingers Command Ban On The Marathi film Dashakriya

Dashakriya—The National Award-winning Marathi film, which released a couple of weeks before, has run into controversy and disagreement. The ABBM, Akhil Bhartiya Brahman Mahasangh a right-wing association from the city, has commanded a complete ban on the movie saying, “It hurts spiritual and religious sentiments and depicts the Brahmins community in a very poor way”.

‘Dashakriya’ is actually based on Baba Bhand’s novel in the year 1994 by the similar name and looks at the person propensity to abuse and take benefit of community. It does so by getting into focus point the misuse of bereavement families by individuals who carry out the last ceremonies. Talking about the subject who was raised by the ABBM, film director Sandip Patil stated, “They are already protesting in opposition to one line in the clip that talks about preceding rites being twisted into a trade by the society.

On the other hand, the movie is not in opposition to any meticulous society or religion. I even questioned the individuals protesting if they had actually read the novel or seen the motion picture to which the response was ‘we don’t require to’.” Patil stated to the ABBM president Anand Dave had commanded for the motion picture to be screened for them in the theaters as well. “But we won’t showcase it for any meticulous group.”

“The CBFC has given green signal to the movie with a ‘U’ certificate and that’s sufficient for us. If we show the movie to Mr Dave now, other community might also ask the same and this will certainly be a wrong example. When the apex documentation body has given a green signal to the movie, I don’t see the requirement to get support from any other communities before showing it to the viewers,” stated Patil.

On the other hand, Dave is of the view that people who licensed the motion picture have no proposal about the content of the film. “The CBFC follows strategy specially laid out for them. They have no proposal about the spiritual values or emotions attached to a meticulous movie like this,” he stated.

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