Sandberg Alerts Of Counterattack Against Women


Sandberg Alerts Of Counterattack Against Women

Sheryl Sandberg gave a warning of a possible backlash in opposition to women. She urged firms to put into place transparent policies on how accusations related to sexual harassment are managed. In an extended post on Facebook over last weekend, the social media behemoth’s chief operating officer claimed firms that under stress to give a boost to regulations for managing accusations related to sexual misconduct might be enticed to restrict their exposure by restricting chances for females.

Sandberg Alerts Of Counterattack Against Women

“I have already listened to the echoing of a hostile response saying, ‘This is why you should not employ females employees’,” Sanders wrote in the lengthy post. She further referred this to the increasing chorus of females and some males blaming the sexual harassment in the place of work. “In fact, this is the reason why you should hire them,” she further added.

That decision, following the high-profile sexual harassment scams of influential men comprising Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, and Matt Lauer, is giving power to the victims to raise their voice. But Sandberg claimed that it is not sufficient.

“Too many places of work fall short of comprehensible regulations about how to manage allegations of sexual misconduct,” she posted. She suggests that every place of work starts with unambiguous rules and those policies must be put in place to support them. That comprises taking all claims seriously, making training sessions on appropriate behavior at place of work, taking decisive and swift action in opposition to wrongdoing, and establishing an examination process.

“We have to be watchful to ensure this occurs,” Sandberg claimed. Sandberg also claimed that she has encountered misconduct while performing her job. She stated, on the other hand, that in each incident the harasser had more authority than she did. “That is not a twist of fate,” she wrote. “It is why they felt nothing to breach that line.”

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