Santa Fe Participates in The International Tourism Fair


Once again the city of Santa Fe will participate in the FIT, which is held every year at the La Rural Estate in Buenos Aires. The booth for the city will be located in the National sector and will aim to show the tourist offer of the provincial capital.

The city of Santa Fe will be present again in the most important event of the tourist industry of the country and Latin America: the International Tourism Fair that will be held from Saturday 28 to Tuesday 31 October.

This year the proposal of the city is structured on the offer of educational tourism, linked to the Library Park of the National Constitution. In addition, other aspects of the activity will be promoted, such as tourism of meetings and events, historical-artistic circuits and the options that the city offers in terms of nature tourism and nautical activities fundamentally.

This time the city will be located in the national pavilion, at booth 1351 and will count as a neighbor to the city of Rosario, with the support of the province’s Tourism Secretariat.

During four days the city will show through images, different printed materials, talks and business rounds the best of the tourist offer to thousands of people, general and specific public as wholesale agencies and providers of tourist services. This is possible thanks to FIT bringing together the public and private sector (wholesale agencies, retailers and service providers) and is visited by thousands of potential tourists.

In the window of the world

The Fair, which takes place every year in the La Rural Estate in Federal Capital, has different sectors, where local destinations are grouped, from the mainland and other parts of the world. Thus it is divided by sectors like National, Caribbean, Europe, East, etc.

The city will be located in the National Pavilion and will offer a large agenda for those who visit the fair. During the days of greater attendance of general public, Saturday and Sunday, there will be tastings of beer, alfajores and regional products. This is possible thanks to the collaboration of the private sector that integrates SAFETUR, the autarquic entity of local tourism.

On Monday and Tuesday, business roundtables will be held with travel and tourism wholesale and retail agencies to show packages offered by the city of Santa Fe.

In that sense on Monday 30 at 16.30 will be held the institutional presentation “Santa Fe, city of the Constitution” and will be in charge of the undersecretary of Tourism Claudia Neil, the president of the Chamber of Business Entrepreneurs (CET Santa Fe) Norberto Verde and the secretary of the Santafesina and Entrerriana Association of Travel Agencies and Tourism (ASEAVyT) Marcelo Gimenez. The same will be in the Auditorium “Atrápalo” located in the red pavilion.

In addition, in the stand of the city located in the national pavilion, there will be tastings of beer, alfajores and cheeses of local brands. There will also be presentations such as the Diving School of the Santa Fe Regattas Club and business rounds between local businessmen and other cities in the country, as well as working meetings between the Undersecretariat of Tourism of the City Government and pairs of other destinations in the country. country.

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