Saudi Arabia, 11 Princes and Ministers Were Detained on Saturday


As we have International report that the Saudi all Arabia news channel reported lately on Saturday, that 11 princesses and a few of former ministers were detained in a new anti-corruption probe. The king Saudi Arabia King Salman removed a prominent prince who headed the National Guard and replaced the ministry of economy. Announced the creation of a new anti-corruption committee. A person including a prominent billionaire and current ministers sweeping Purge. The report has come immediately after a new anti-corruption Commission gone headed by powerful prince Mohammed Bin Salman. The reason doing all these things are a probe into old cases such as flood and devastated the Red Sea of Jeddah in 2009. Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed Bin Tarla was being arrested in Saudi.

saudi princes arrested and ministers detained

The news site said till now there is no official confirmation about this incident. Resources saying that AFP security forces had grounded private Jets in Jeddah to prevent high profile figure from leaving. The news reporter says many of the detained ministers were arrested. Prince Mohammad aggressive foreign policy that includes the boycott of gulf never Qatar country.  Anyhow, Saudi national have complained of corruption in government and wasting public funds and misusing it.

Also, Crown Prince has attracted International investors to his country Saudi Arabia to improve the country’s reputation, in addition, a place to do write business. It is part of immense effort to diversify the economical situations away from dependence fuel revenue.

The country’s highest level Royal from power removing Prince Miteb Bin Abdullah head of the National Guard and also Saudi government replaced by a well-known prince Khalid Bin Ayyaf al- Muqrin. Prince Metheb’s father was a well-known late King Abdullah who had led the National Guard. Later transferred to another powerful department. Also, he was protecting the ruling family as well as Holy sites in Mecca.