Saudi Arabia Prince Killed in Helicopter Crash and Other Officials Died


Latest News Recently many shocking news has been coming from the Saudi Arabia. 11 Princess and ministers have detained a few hours ago. Breaking News now the second Saudi princess Abdul Aziz has been confirmed dead. Prince has been killed at age 44 in a crash.

A few hours after the death of Mansoor Bin Muqrin son of former prince Muqrin al. this information is going viral on Twitter and social media. This reports other Prince death of Saudi this incident happened a few hours ago. The breaking news is this death has been confirmed by the royal Saudi court. He was the youngest son of King Fahad and arrested on Sunday.

A media report says that a helicopter carrying Saudi officials and crashed in the southern region of the country Saudi, reported by media.

The Prince Mansoor Bin Muqrin, the Deputy Governor of the Asir region, died in this crash as well as many senior regional government officials. This news has been come out Ai Arabia news agency. Hours before Saudi Arabia was attacked by the ballistic missile and fired at an airport in the Saudi capital of Riyadh.

Here in this we have listed those killed in the helicopter crash

Abdul Aziz, deputy governor Asir,

secretary of the municipality

Under Secretary

other members.

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