‘Tiger Zinda Hai’—Review


The movie, ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ is based on a real life incident wherein Indian nurses were held hostages in Iraq by the ISIS. Whatever was the real life sequence of events, this Salman Khan movie talks only through action. So, we have lots of slick action in play and since Salman Khan doesn’t need to emote much, thankfully, the film is saved. We shall review the film by jotting down its plus and minus points.

‘Tiger Zinda Hai’—Review


Salman Khan, as the roaring Tiger, is fighting fit in all the action sequences and a consistent no-nonsense attitude held by the actor keeps the film going. A true Salman Khan moment is obtained by his fans when he bares his torso. Katrina, playing Salman’s romantic lead, is quite comfortable in her action-filled avatar. Both of them complement each other belting out their fight choreography. Supporting actors like Sajjad Delfrooz, who plays the vile villain, is impressive and so also is Paresh Rawal and others on the rescue mission team.


In spite of all the star-power of the lead stars, the film fails to be riveting throughout. Director Ali Abbas Zafaar falters; the movie needed a tauter editing. Some scenes just seem to defy logic and considering that a lot of thinking has gone into planning the plot intrigues of the film, this fact is quite disappointing. The scene that makes no sense is the valuable time wasted by RAW chief in flying personally for delivering messages to and fro in the context of the hostage issue and then proceeding to locate and cajole Tiger into coming back to action.


All in all, the message of cross-border camaraderie that the film aims to convey is quite commendable. However, the movie drags a lot and this makes watching the movie for the whole lot of two hours and forty minutes a bit tiring. Nevertheless, for all the Salman Khan and Katrina fans, the movie is a not to miss affair.