Tollywood Hero Sudheer Babu Announced His Up Coming Movies


The actor Sudheer Babu announced a few of his future movies on the auspicious occasion of Karthika Pournami. Young hero Sudheer Babu revealed the upcoming projects a few hours ago. He is well known for his roles in Prema Katha Chitram movie, Bhale Manchi Roju. Also, he played the antagonist role in the Baaghi movie. The actor Sudheer Babu tweeted a few announcements of his next movies. Actor Sudheer Babu is expecting hit this time.

hero sudheer babu up coming movies

In the direction of Debutant Indrasena. I feel he is TFI’s Christopher Nolan, a social thriller. Will be a new kind of movie for TFI.

In the direction of very talented debutant Rajasekhar. A love story blend with father emotion. Proud to introduce him to my banner.

In the direction of one of my fav directors Indraganti Mohan Krishna Garu. It’s a love story you will fall in love. In the production of Sridevi movies.

You know it!! I don’t need to say, so keep guessing Production house will announce it very soon. It’s bilingual.

In the direction of writer Harsha Vardhan. A love thriller to be shot completely in the USA. One more bilingual in my kitty.

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