Top Republican Senator Says H-1B Visas Risky For American Workers


Top Republican Senator Says H-1B Visas Risky For American Workers

In case of shortage of skilled American workers, companies allowed to employ from other countries.

Known by the name of H-1B work visa, this permit has put American job seekers at high risk. This allegation was made by an American senator today at White House. Belonging to the Republican party; Chuck Grassley, who is also the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee today announced that he feels that this visa has been used by companies to hire more from outside the country, putting American workers under great risk.

During a Congressional hearing on homeland, which was held on Tuesday he said that this program is gradually gaining popularity and importance in the US and hence the chances of fraud and abuse in regards to the H-1B visa are supposed to increase.

Highlighting historical data, the Senator went ahead to say that this visa has led to more population in the country and has also created an imbalance between the demand and supply of jobs; resulting in stagnation in salary in the technology sector. Most of the H-1B Visa holders work in the technology sector of the country and for decades there has been a decline in the salary in this domain.

He also appreciated the measures taken in recent days to curb the frauds going on regarding H-1B Visas. There were questions raised to Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen about the reports on elimination of job authorization of spouses of H-1B visa holders. The Secretary did not provide a direct answer to this question but informed that all aspects of the visa are looked into. Senator Orrin Hatch also asked about the cancellation of 3-year green card extension program; to which, the Secretary of Homeland Security promised to get back with details.

It is believed if the H-1B Visas extensions are cancelled, almost 500,000 to 75,000 Indian Americans will be deported.