“Trinity” Unveiled At Delhi’s Bikaner House By Satish Gujral


“Trinity” Unveiled At Delhi’s Bikaner House By Satish Gujral

“Trinity” Unveiled At Delhi’s Bikaner House By Satish Gujral

Satish Gujral, a 93-year-old from the post-independence era, the Indian painter, sculptor and muralist is exhibiting the tall 8.5-foot sculpture at Bikaner House in Delhi. On the lawns of the Bikaner house, the tall bronze statuette the “Trinity” is the reflection of three Hindu gods: Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu.

The intellectual creator, Mr Gujral has deep layers of meaning to surpass the creation while donating the sculpture to the Bikaner house. According to him, as mentioned in his early career stage, 60 years ago the focus still remains the same. He explains the idea of how public art is not exhibiting the art in galleries or museums (Inside-Out) but making it public. The same way as writing and reading due to printing press has become an exercise today likewise making the art public is the idea behind the public art.

The “Trinity” statue is the perfect showcase of the three meditation stages of life, i.e., Life, Death and Rebirth. The idea of the three meditation stages stroked him after the partition when he read the Upanishads. Trinity promotes a sheer balance between the hope and your life experiences. According to him, where experience reflects the person who you are while awaiting the death provides direction and the hope for rebirth gives the motivation to choose one option or way.

His challenges in life are never-ending and it all started at the age of 10 when Gujral lost his hearing senses. The Mexico fellowship seemed nearly impossible due to lack of ambassador or embassy of India in Mexico. He was advised not to apply for the fellowship but Gujral didn’t give up. Octavio Paz, the one who reviewed his application was not pleased and had great disappointment. As per Gujral, the negatives can turn into positive energies.

Gujral first studied Arts in Lahore as he was born in Pakistan in the year 1925 and then got into JJ school of Bombay Art in the year 1944, which short-lived due to his illness. He then witnessed various phrases of India with the historic celebrations of Independence and weeping due to the devastating Partition and the Emergency years.

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