Turkish Passenger Plane Skids Off The Runway, All Passengers and Crew Safe


Turkish Passenger Plane Skids Off The Runway, All Passengers and Crew Safe

Another occurrence of a freak airline accident on Saturday! This time it was Turkey and the flight was a passenger plane belonging to Pegasus Airlines bound to Trabzon from Ankara. The plane had a smooth take-off from the Turkish capital of Ankara but goofed up while landing at Trabzon. It skidded from the northern part of the airport to perch dangerously from a cliff overlooking the Black Sea. No one knows the cause of the accident; investigations are going on; this was reported by the Trabzon governor’s office.

CNN Turk broadcaster sent vivid images of the plane hanging treacherously off a cliff, a few feet from the waters of the Black Sea. Its wheels were wedged in the mud. Images from the local media showed the same. Smoke was seen to be emanating from the stuck plane as per the images broadcasted by the Dogan news agency. However, no death or casualties were reported in the accident.

A statement was issued by Pegasus Airlines on Sunday confirming the absence of injuries among the people on board the aircraft. The total number of passengers on board amounted to 162 with the exclusion of two pilots and four cabin crew. All of them were evacuated and reported to be safe.

One of the passengers, a woman by the name of Fatma Gordu revealed that there was panic all through the aircraft as it made its landing. They were tilting to the side with the front portion of the aircraft having gone down and the rear turning up. Panic abounded on board; there was a lot of shouting and screaming. The woman was recounting her experience to the state-run news agency Anadolu.

The incident led to the shutting down of the airport for a temporary period. However, normal activities were resumed on Sunday morning.