Us Industry Body Calls Trump’s Decision To End H-1b Visa Extensions A Bad Policy


The US Chamber of Commerce said that the reported plan of US President Donald Trump to put an end to the extension of H-1B visas will be “bad policy” and will lead to the self-deportation of around 700,000 Indians currently living in the US.

Us Industry Body Calls Trump's Decision To End H-1b Visa Extensions A Bad Policy

The H-1B program makes it possible for companies in the US to hire highly skilled individuals to work in areas where there is a lack of qualified local American workforce by offering them temporary US visas but ever since Trump has come to power, he weighed down on the scheme.

According to reports, Department of Homeland Security is working on a proposal to put a limit to the H-1B visa extensions as a part Trump’s ‘Buy American, Hire American’ initiative which he promised during his campaign trial in the US Presidential elections.

The spokesperson for the US Chambers of Commerce said that it would be a really bad idea to implement the policy as it will drive away thousands of skilled workers, who have been working in the country for a number of years and are applying for permanent residency and would damage not only the business and the economy but the country itself. He further went on to say that the policy was against the idea of a merit-based immigration system.

Giving his views on the matter, Mr. Raja Krishnamoorthi, the Indian–American Congressman, hoped that the government rejects the proposal at once. He said that while he was fully behind the idea that the current system should be changed and importance should be given to enhancing the quality of training given to the domestic workforce, putting an end to the extensions would cause great harm to the economy and would lead to companies outsourcing the jobs available here instead of putting money here apart. He said that there is a huge gap between the demand and availability of skilled workforce in the US with as many as 6 million jobs in need of a qualified person to fulfill them. This makes it imperative that the current educators and employer work in tandem to reduce this gap.

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