The US Parents Hold 13 Children Captive, Chained To Beds


The US Parents Hold 13 Children Captive, Chained To Beds

The police lodged a complaint against the torture-prone parents after a 17-year-old girl escaped from the house arrest and called 911 from a cellphone found inside the house. Louise Anna Turpin and David Allen Turpin are the two culprits who are charged with the child endangerment charges. The parents held 13 children in their house at Perris, California, who were of ages ranging between 2 and 29.

The authorities launched a complaint and set the bail amount at $9 million. The escaped victim was so scared and was trembling of fear that the authorities thought her to be of 10 years. Later the authorities rescued the children to find some disturbing facts.

They were shackled to beds with the help of chains and padlocks. The rooms in which they were captivated were dark and foul-smelling. However, the accused couldn’t present a logical reason behind such a heinous activity.

The 7 of the 13 victims were adults with ages between 18 and 29. They were all suffering from malnutrition and were covered in dirt and slime. It was uncovered that they were only offered food after they starved.

The parents, Louise Anna Turpin and David Allen Turpin of 49-year-old and 57-year olds were booked on charges and will face a hard time in the coming days.

For the further investigation, Child Protective Services and Adult Protective Services have integrated with the authorities. All the victims of the barbaric crime were sent to the medical centers for the medical evaluations as well as treatment.

The parents, Louise and David were taken to the Robert Presley Detention Center. They are booked on charges of suspicion of torture along with child endangerment. They are granted with a bail, in exchange for a huge amount of $9 million, which is unlikely to happen.