USA & Congo Scientists are Chasing A Mysterious “Virus” in Congo Jungles “MonkeyPox”


A new virus has been found in Congo Jungle after 2 young teenagers are suffering from this mysterious virus. The villagers live along the Congo jungles. Congo Republic with a team of USA scientist is in action to find out the mysterious virus Monkeypox. This is a cousin to the Deadly smallpox virus. The two governments are chasing this deadly disease virus across the globe. The scientist has to understand this mysterious Monkeypox. A team of American scientist is traveling deep into the Congo Jungle and rainforest to reach a village where two boys suffering from the virus. The scientist is from the Centers for Disease Control and prevention.

Symptoms of Disease

This mysterious virus transfers to the people through contact with pet animals. Then spread from the person to person. Symptoms of this virus increase fever, Rash and body will turn into painful lesions. It kills up many people. The disease particularly dangerous in children.

All the decades this Monkeypox have played alarmingly across Africa. Congo government invited (CDC) researchers here to track the disease. To train local scientist understanding about this Monkeypox virus. Scientist are trying to stop and protecting people from the Deadly disease

In Congo republic country, the Monkeypox has spread in the month of January with a hunter from Manfouete. 88 suspected cases of Monkeypox have been reported. 6 people have died because of this deadliest disease. Some people were infected while carrying relatives. They also have become sick when preparing this critical source of protein in the local diet. The scientist did not find out which animal carries this deadliest virus.

Anti Virus

Till now anti Virus did not find any country. Scientists have been researching antivirus for this deadliest disease.