Violent And Aggressive Jihadists Go To Rehabilitation At ‘5-Star’ Located In Saudi Center


Violent And Aggressive Jihadists Go To Rehabilitation At ‘5-Star’ Located In Saudi Center

With its luxurious indoor swimming pool, portico (sun-splashed) and liveried employees, the Saudi compound has the trappings of a 5 star hotel, but it is essentially a rehabilitation center—for brutal jihadists. Riyadh’s Mohammed Nayef Care Centre and Counseling, a comfortable halfway residence flanked by prison and independence, spotlights a divisive Saudi plan for tackling home-based fanatics.

Violent And Aggressive Jihadists Go To Rehabilitation At '5-Star' Located In Saudi Center

While the worldwide fight in opposition to terrorism and violence is over and over again connected with drone strikes and persecute, the viewpoint that underpins the center’s move toward is that fanaticism needs not compulsion but an ideological treat. Overseen by psychologists and clerics, it works to put off convicts who have already served their punishments from returning from jihad, throughout what it calls spiritual psychotherapy and ideological detoxification of mind.

“Our focal point is on actually correcting their thought process, their misapprehension, their divergence from Islam religion,” (a director at the center) Yahya Abu Maghayed stated while offering AFP a golf cart trip of the extensive, palm tree-lined multifaceted. The criminals are housed in a sequence of low-slung house, outfitted with big screen televisions and big size beds, all of these are framed by manicured gardens.

A lot of linked to groups for instance: Al-Qaeda and Taliban can actually walk around without any fear in flowing beautiful white robes, and have right of entry to a open gym, a banquet room and completely furnished apartments completely reserved for visits of their spouses. “We create the beneficiary experience that they are normal human beings and still have a possibility to live and improve their life—and also to return back society,” Abu Maghayed stated, mainly insisting the centre abstained from calling them captives or even inmates. Saudi Arabia, long indicted of exporting its ultra conventional Wahhabist Sunni set of guidelines around the world, is itself a sufferer of conjugal terror attacks.

Mohammed bin Salman (Crown Prince), who has wanted to roll back the pressure of the ultra conventional dutiful organization, this week itself jump-started a 42 nation armed forces coalition to fight Islamist radicalism, working towards to wipe out terrorism from the planet.