“Won’t Do Dalali Over Religion As My Family Is A Shiv Bhakt”: Rahul Gandhi


“Won’t Do Dalali Over Religion As My Family Is A Shiv Bhakt”: Rahul Gandhi

“Won’t Do Dalali Over Religion As My Family Is A Shiv Bhakt”: Rahul Gandhi

At Gujarat’s Somnath temple, the BJP workers had purposely entered my name in the register, which is meant to register the names of non-Hindu visitors of the temple, said Rahul Gandhi—vice president of Congress. Rahul Gandhi has put allegations on the BJP workers for using religion for political gain. On Wednesday, the snapshots of the register, where Rahul Gandhi’s name was entered, created a tempest on Twitter. BJP leaders of Gujarat said, “It is a proof that Rahul Gandhi is not a Hindu”.

Rahul Gandhi said in response to the twitter comments “Late Indira Gandhi, my grandmother was a Shiv Bhakt, and so is my mother and me.” We don’t need anyone’s certificate for believing and worshiping a God, we like to keep such things private as I think it is a very personal thing, said Rahul Gandhi while an ongoing session with Amreli’s traders.” “We don’t want to do dalali, we don’t want to commercialize things. We at Congress party do not use religion for our political purpose,” during an interaction he was seen saying this.

Regarding this issue, the Congress party has been quite vocal. The leaders of the Congress party blamed the BJP of releasing fake news and giving wrong statements about Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. The Congress party also showed the screenshots of Rahul Gandhi’s hand-written note in the visitors of temple to show that he has nothing to do with the entry, which was made in the register.

Rahul Gandhi supporting the claim said, “Let me tell you what had happened, I went inside the temple. I signed the book kept there for visitors and after which the BJP people wrote my name in the other book that was kept there”.

The trustee of the temple Bharatsingh Solanki, who is the president of Congress in Gujarat, could be behind what he called a “conspiracy”. They have fallen to such a low level now that they want to term us as non-Hindus. Saying that it was Mr. Gandhi’s advisor, who had signed the register, BJP had dismissed their claim.

Many BJP leaders are annoyed by the repeated visits to temple by Rahul Gandhi in the ongoing campaigns for elections. The leaders of BJP have stated, it’s a sure sign of desperation of the Congress, which has not been in power for the past two decades now. Yogi Adityanath has mocked the continuous temple visits of Rahul Gandhi and has also mocked one of the visits to the temple where Rahul Gandhi was sitting in the position of offering Namaaz.

On this Mr. Rahul Gandhi stated, “I am a devotee of Lord Shiva”, on which many BJP leaders reacted on the statement by hoots and clapping”.